High-Level Declaration Informal Drafting Group


The Co-chairs of the Intersessional Process (IP) together with the ICCM5 Bureau have developed a plan to continue the dialogue and keep up momentum towards agreement on a successor to SAICM for strengthening the sound management of chemicals and waste (SMCW) for a just and resilient world beyond 2020.

One essential element is a possible ICCM5 High-level Declaration (HLD). This declaration could renew the commitment enshrined in the Dubai Declaration from 2006.

ICCM5 President has proposed to prepare this High-Level Declaration, through the informal drafting group which has already been formed, for the purpose of being adopted in July 2021 during the hosting of the ICCM5.

In her consultations and with guidance from Bureau members on a possible HLD process, “it became clear there is a strong need for this to be an open, transparent and inclusive process. Building on this desire, and inspired by the process followed by UNEA, I am convinced the work needed to develop a possible  HLD at ICCM5 should first and foremost be based on input, ideas, suggestions and views of all stakeholders in the Intersessional Process”, ICCM5 President, Gertrud Sahler stated.

In line with the Terms of Reference for an informal group to compile proposals for an outline of a possible ICCM5 High-Level Declaration a call for stakeholder submissions on essential elements for a possible ICCM5 High-level Declaration on the sound management of chemicals and waste beyond 2020 has been already reached all SAICM stakeholders. The deadline, via written input, to this call for submission has been extended to 29 October 2020 through the SAICM Secretariat, saicm.chemicals@unep.org  and the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, IGII3@bmu.bund.de (CC. vassilios.karavezyris@bmu.bund.de).

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