Chemicals in Products (CiP)

The UN Environment has been leading actions in this area since 2009, supported by a steering group.

The multi-stakeholder project on chemicals in products (CiP) has analyzed the need to improve the exchange of information on chemicals contained in products and proposed cooperative actions to address gaps in the current levels of information access. Work is focused on the priority product categories of electronics, toys, building products and textiles.

The fourth session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM4) welcomed the Chemicals in Products Programme document as a voluntary framework for all Strategic Approach stakeholders. ICCM4 also took note of the guidance on chemicals in products, as a practical means of implementing the chemicals in products programme, and recognized the guidance as a living document that will evolve to address the needs of SAICM stakeholders and encouraged participants to consider the guidance in the implementation.

All interested SAICM stakeholders, including worker organizations, are encouraged to participate actively and report on the implementation of the chemicals in products programme and invited to provide adequate human, financial and in-kind resources for further work.

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