SAICM Secretariat Newsletter

The SAICM's quarterly newsletter – Sep. 2021 -  highlights our ongoing work, resources developed by the Secretariat, partnerships and upcoming events!

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·         Message from ICCM5 President
·         Berlin Forum on Chemicals and Sustainability
·         New IPCC Report

Stakeholder Engagement

·         Learning from other UN Frameworks for ‘SAICM Beyond 2020 Indicators’
·         Study on Industry Involvement in the Integrated Approach to Financing the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste

Knowledge Management and Information

·         Communities of Practice on SAICM Emerging Policy Issues
·         Ninth International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week supported by the SAICM GEF Project

Beyond 2020 and Update on Virtual Working Groups

·         17th Meeting of ICCM5 Bureau
·         Regional Briefings
·         Virtual Working Group Co-Facilitators’ Video Summary of Outcomes
·         Results of SAICM Virtual Working Group Survey

Key Events 2021

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